Reserving Items

What it means to 'Reserve Items'

This gives you the ability to hold off shipping your order and build up a number of items on your shelf. 

Benefits of Reserving Items

  • When you reserve multiple items you will be eligible to save on shipping / qualify for free shipping on orders over £50.
  • You can purchase Pre-Orders ahead of release.  

How to Reserve Items

When checking out you'll notice the option:

Choose a shipping method


To reserve your item(s) choose this option.  If, however, you'd like the items to be shipped immediately DO NOT CHOOSE this option.

"I've accidentally choose this option, although I'd like my items shipped straight away"

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"How do I request my Items to be shipped?"

Once you've made a reserve order you'll be notified by email explaining what you have awaiting to ship (also including any Pre-Orders that have now arrived).  The email will be titled '🔥 Ready to Ship Dusty Heat 🔥'

1. Your email will contain one of the following:


2. Go to > 'Info' > 'POST ME PLEASE' > Choose the postage option specified in the email (ie POST ME PLEASE A)

"I'm still not sure of how to ship"

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