AINON - Drought

AINON - Drought

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We Jazz - WJLP27

We Jazz Records presents the debut album of AINON, a Helsinki-based ensemble founded by cellist-composer Aino Juutilainen, released 4 September. On "Drought", the four-piece plays music influenced by jazz, contemporary music and classical music, all morphed together into a highly inspired musical vision. The music of AINON might be best described as "spiritual avantgarde jazz", with original compositions and the individual voices of the four players both playing an integral part in the music. In addition to Juutilainen, the quartet includes Satu-Maija Aalto (violin / viola), Suvi Linnovaara (saxophone / clarinet / flute) and Joonas Leppänen (of Alder Ego, drums).

The quartet has a knack for creating strong moods and performing their original material with remarkable intensity. Mood-wise, the album ranges from serene, almost ambient-like passages to moments of strong improvisation and explosive energy. RIYL: spiritual jazz, modern classical, avantgarde

Kruununhaka / Anaesthesia / Drought / Spell I / The Bird Does Not Fly / Obscure Dreams / Spell Ii / Grannies & Seagulls / Schön Berg / O / Time Transformed