Al Pagoda - Lucky Veil

Al Pagoda - Lucky Veil

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Bigamo Musik - Bigamo10

“Lucky Veil” is Al Pagoda’s first mini album to be released via Bigamo Musik, October 30th. Seven songs built out of layering luminous synth melodies that sound strong, iconic, like a childhood memory that’s long been dormant.

Al Pagoda, originally from Valencia, Spain, settled in Berlin in 2015, where he started working as a composer for movie soundtracks. During these years he experimented with new sounds and recording techniques. In 2018 a colleague of his, who had witnessed some of his free-form experimentation sessions, asked him to play at Loophole, a small club in Neukölln, Berlin. He accepted and came up with a few songs for the show. After this, the album would crystallise in no time.

Al Pagoda's cinematic approach can be felt throughout his music; his songs unfold like stories that take us to the crux of an inescapable revelation. Built from short snippets recorded in his phone over the years, Lucky Veil was put together during a winter in Berlin, in a room with no windows.