Anthiliawaters - Barcelona EP.

Anthiliawaters - Barcelona EP.

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Isophlux Records -  ISO-106EP

Anthiliawaters returns to Isophlux with “Barcelona” after last surfacing in 2017 on Denmark’s Kondi imprint with the double vinyl version of “The Miles Without You” debut album. Anthiliawaters was originally produced by Shad T. Scott (Gosub) and John Wend. This time Shad goes it alone and continues the Anthiliawaters concept of deep electro / techno beats, complex melodies, and Gosub’s trademark spooky vocals.

Keeping to the original DNA of Anthiliawaters Gosub drives deep house beats with classic Chicago organs dubbed out in old school tape delays. Inspired by Miami’s radio station WRBD’s weather reports back in the 80’s Concept1 with heavy synth workouts over deep bass-lines infused with Midnight’s steel drum synths assault on the listeners ear holes. “Night Time Comes” brings the trademark spooky vocals of Gosub speaking to a girl he can’t sleep without with a response from a lead-line inspired by Miles Davis, all held together with deep dubbed bass-lines driving to Detroit style beats.

All in all the Barcelona EP is hits all sides and is a classic to have in any collection. Full colour artwork by Hawaiian Surf art artist Madek.