Hypervigilance -  Bloom (PRE-ORDER)

Hypervigilance - Bloom (PRE-ORDER)

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Fixed Rhythms - FRS007

For his second release with Fixed Rhythms, Trey Millward AKA Hypervigilance presents us with his first full-length album. It is not just one style, but rather a flowing mood with peaks and valleys. From start to finish, the lush synth-work, the deep sub-bass melodies, and simple grooving drums enter and exit to form a cohesive statement, or rather, a litany of introspective questions:

+ What is and who are important to us?

+ What is impermanent?

+ How do we enjoy this impermanence and continue to grow past a stage of pure youthfulness?

+ How do we maintain the hopefulness of innocence and balance it with the sober clarity of lived experiences?