Idriss D - Lunatic w/ DJ Sotofett Remix

Idriss D - Lunatic w/ DJ Sotofett Remix

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Memento - MEMENT005

Memento’s label honcho Idriss D is back at the production duties with a mesmerising super single featuring a shattering remix by the Norwegian infamous wonder known as Dj Sotofett.

“Lunatic” symbolises Idriss D natural inclination for an incessant sonic exploration, which on this esoteric cur, has brought him to the darkest and the most hectic jungle territories; drawing from the early nineties British tradition but with a long sight into the contemporary climate, these heavy rattling beats and scattered vocals will simply leave you speechless.

On the flip side , Dj Sotofett is just condensed cutting edge music technology wisdom; the straight deep beat and the charming arpeggios transform the original mayhem into a late night anthem.

The splendid picture on the release cover has been taken by Ismail Zaidy of L4artiste, which is also responsible for the astonishing video teaser, while the artwork has been as usual an graphic affair of Boogie.