Ilija Rudman - Sparks

Ilija Rudman - Sparks

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Beyond Paradise - BPR04

Following on from The Local Beatnik’s standout release, Beyond Paradise enlist the expertise of one of Croatia’s finest Ilija Rudman to let loose ‘Sparks’, complete with remixes from Dennis Kane and Project Paradise.

Deep, brooding and powerful, Ilija channels that pent up dancefloor energy into the core of ‘Sparks’, with thumping bass synths and emotive pianos providing the basis of a 4x4 cut that works just as well a journey through your mind, as it will when those hallowed club doors open once again.

First up on remix duties, Dennis Kane gives a techier touch to proceedings with pulsing tones, snare rolls and space echo sweeps adding another dimension to the track before a subtle acid line reels you in even deeper.

Closing out the release, Project Paradise brings the vocal prowess of Terri Shaltiel to this Italo tinged, acid-laden remix.