johnfaustus & Serge Geyzel - The Space Gate

johnfaustus & Serge Geyzel - The Space Gate

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Zodiak Commune Records - ZC-ELEC002

After we 'Escaped from Andromeda' we are now facing 'The Space Gate'. Join us on this second Electro-Acid adventure!

Two producers we love present their versus EP, johnfaustus vs Serge Geyzel. Familiar faces with the Acid Smile!

A1 - Rukkus - johnfaustus
We have set course to the Space Gate. Still the enemy is on our tail. Following us into space!

A2 - Phoebé - johnfaustus
Machines, machines, machines! We will need them to complete the journey.

B1 - Falling Down The Cliff - Serge Geyzel
Asteroid field we have to cross. Enjoy the ride!

B2 - Alone Together - Serge Geyzel
Are we finally alone and isn't somebody still in pursuit? We can escape and make it, together. Final destination: The Space Gate. Off to freedom!

B3 - Palindrome - Serge Geyzel
What is that tiny dot on our HF Radar? Hey wait, radar is a palindrome.