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Red Laser - RL35

Mushrooming into Red Laser Corp's continuing & stringent program of providing the best modern Manctalo (TM) and related flavors, Luca Dell'Orso follows up his taster session on Red Laser EP9 (RL28) with a fully realized solo EP.

Based in Holland and obviously taking in the might of European dance influences that surround him, 'A New Paradigm' spawns a new natural genome, between Italo disco, Belgium new beat, and our own, homegrown synth jizz that we've championed from the start. In short, rickety old drum boxes jostle with that favored analog machinery that powers all the big bombs from our infamous discotheque!

Hammered to death off Pharaoh Brunson's battered stix, the tracks here were snowballing on dancefloors so much before lockdown, the .wav was actually starting to see some binary wear and tear, so we chivvied along the pressing plants to get it on wax pronto; and despite much of our beloved industry suffering setbacks and turmoil at the moment, we've managed to beam it down to your decks just in the nick of time. Get in!

A wild obsession with big gated drums, jagged arps and darkly vocodered vox characterizes the EP; with moods veering from all-out, popper-huffing nihilism into star-gazing wanderlust with spontaneous combustions of nearby neutron stars thrown in for good measure.
Four tracks that epitomize our label's musical agenda: rugged and rumbly, charged and electric. Kinetic and mad functional, nocturnal body music with a head full of nitrates and a coital throb down under.
It should find perfect habitat at any late nite dance n drug den once we're allowed to get up close, sweaty, and start reaching for the red lasers again...