Lunar Horns - Bola

Lunar Horns - Bola

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Nona Records - NONA024 

“We are hunters, we are prey.“

The opening track Night Tigers transports you right into an odd jazzy atmosphere fitting the dark crooked vibe of Dale Cooper‘s dreams, while Chroma Eater utilizes growling bass and tribal polyrhythms to create a sense of hunted prey. The A-side finishes with a deconstructed composition Celestor. Mercury River is a ticking bomb soundtrack followed by the short Antennae. The last and longest track Nyctophiles is an epic and carefully crafted ambient piece, completing the album in a dark and brooding way as it deserves.

The music created by the Finnish duo Lunar Horns explores nocturnal landscapes, strange attraction and the beauty of temporality. While Lunar Horns are working primarily with modular synthesizers and other analog and digital synths, their sound is cultivated with organic percussions, piano, violin and subtle field recordings that are processed inside the modular synthesizer ecosystem. Their experiments on the borderline of human expression and machine unpredictability create transient zones of which familiarity feels strange and strangeness familiar.

The collected works presented on Bola have been created in Tampere, Finland and Brno, Czechia during the time span from January 2016 to October 2018.