Max Zuckerman - The Corner Office

Max Zuckerman - The Corner Office

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City Baby Records (Japan) - CBR007V

- 100 copies available, comes with obi

- A Disco AOR concept album debut from guitar genius Max Zuckerman

-Catchy pop melodies with a deep character theme running throughout

- Sophisti-pop boogie tunes for discerning dance floors & luxury lounges

- First ever collaborative release between Tokyo labels CBR and AOR

A fun and catchy, but deep set of songs by a mysteriously dark executive character, exploring themes of capitalism and the power of money, all while somehow remaining funky as hell.

Brooklyn guitar maestro Max Zuckerman strikes out from his regular jazz-pop band "Blue Jazz TV" with a tour de force concept album that's part Steely Dan and part American Psych.

Beautifully smooth horn hooks and cutting disco guitar leading to prodigious solos over groovy city pop rhythms,eventually culminating in the mellowest tune regarding corporate sell-outs that's ever been committed to wax, this imaginary AOR CEO "gave the devil what he promised...for The Corner Office."