Peder Mannerfelt - Ensnared

Peder Mannerfelt - Ensnared

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Ensnared - HVN010

For their milestone 10th release on their main label series Haven is honoured to be working with celebrated Swedish experimentalist Peder Mannerfelt with a collection of energetic and diverse UK-influenced stompers.

The EP kicks off with "Enter Reoccurring Disparity" on the A1. Fierce synth bleeps, classic drum breaks and creative percussion interplay around the pounding kick in this hectic club banger. Following on the A2 "And That Happened" takes the record in to moody broken beat territory, utilising murky drones and experimental textures alongside wild, morphing drum work in a sludgy mutant roller.

The flip-side launches with "Stockholm Shuffle" on the B1 with grimy bass pulses, half-time snares, and ominous atmospheres in the ideal half-way point between dubstep and 4-4 techno. The EP closes with a driving remix from yung Haven main-stay Tommy Holohan. Rolling drum rhythms, vocal chants and nimble synth work propel the track towards its euphoric breakdown and square-bass melody in another impressive track from Ireland's finest up-and-comer.