Peer Du ‎– For Those EP

Peer Du ‎– For Those EP

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Haŵs ‎– HAWS004

Berlin-based Peer Du has crafted a dreamy, luxurious sound in recent years, which is no wonder why the Haŵs crew have summoned him to unite with their ever-budding family tree. The Welsh label and party series have been quietly watering their roots throughout the previous months, and with its latest re-potting for its fourth EP comes a provocative collection of tracks that slink outwards from the ether like a polychrome, sonic mosaic.

‘For Those’ conjures up the image of an ocean of twirling bodies moving as one upon a packed out dance-floor during the golden era of house music; Peer Du weaves a coquettish sample vocal from Shanice into the toggles of a rippling bassline, with the final result an instant classic for any deep house fanatic. The ‘Naked Version’ – a co-production between Peer and German producer Yvon - plucks away some of the stitches and hems in a gentle array of synthy embroidery that is equally as gorgeous as its predecessor, but fluffier, as though a tapestry had been stripped back to reveal a filigree under-layer. It’s clear that the Ed Herbst’s remix is a collaboration between two close friends; it has a jostling puckishness and a carefree swing to the dense kick-drums that take centre stage throughout the track.

The B-side motions in some subtle variety with an increase in tempo from ‘Set U Free’; there’s a broad mix of production in this one - airy chord progressions that sigh outwardly in great heaves amongst experimental synth modules and 90s-esque melodies. ‘Criticize’ takes inspiration from a favourite of Peers’ mother’s - the Alexander O’Neals original – and uses it as the foundation for a simple but sophisticated 2-chord progression that adorns itself with shuffled beats to create a slightly giddy and crooning summer burner. The final track ‘5 AM Interlude’ reaches out for minimalism with a trusting hand – and its softly clutched back through the interlocks of old SNES samples and scarce productions that allow each element to breathe and flow. Bonus points for guessing which game the sounds were lifted from.

Peer Du’s ‘For Those’ EP is like watching an expert tailor nimbly thread the eye of a needle with a gossamer fibre before effortlessly combining together textures, colours and adornments without once making a wrong movement.