Poupeta Lappa & Spyros Peristeris - Music For Short Films 1983 - 1992

Poupeta Lappa & Spyros Peristeris - Music For Short Films 1983 - 1992

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Intersonik Recordings - INT002 

Intersonik Recordings proudly presents "Music for Short Films 1983 - 1992"
by Poupeta Lappa & Spyros Peristeris, a limited vinyl release including previously unreleased material used as soundtrack to obscure Greek short films and documentaries shot between 1983 to 1992, utilizing mainly electronic music instruments such as analog synthesizers (Moog Prodigy, Korg Polysix), drum machines (Roland TR 606, TR 808, Sequential Circuits DrumTracks) and samplers (Ensoniq Mirage, Akai S900). After a deep exploration of the composers’ personal archives, we unearthed all these mind-blowing recordings, since the original reel-to-reel tapes were destroyed (sticky shed syndrome) and thrown away as garbage.

While digging in Poupeta's warehouse, we found a couple of dusty boxes with old reels, cassettes and DAT tapes in relatively good shape. We listened carefully and were extremely lucky to discover all the original material that Poupeta and Spyros recorded as demo final tracks and multitrack recordings before going to the studio for the final 2-track mastering.

We also recovered the long lost synthwave, drone soundtrack of “Verdalak” (1985), a short film directed by Vangelis Kotronis, using the “baking” technique. In addition, this vinyl anthology also includes the main theme from “Flash” (1984), a short film also directed by Vangelis Kotronis, with the characteristic bell arp bringing back memories of John Carpenter’s “Halloween” and Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” accompanied with a minimal synth rhythm sequence and a free jazz sax theme.

The exploratory/adventurous nature of these recordings is further highlighted by the anatolian manners, oil tin can sounds, and reversed Poupeta’s vocals floating over atmospheric synth pads played by Spyros Peristeris for the film “Αsfael” (1987), as well as by the new age musical journey recorded for the Greek-French documentary “Histoire d’un Jour et d'Autres” (1990), directed by Petros Sevastikoglou. Some proto-shoegaze experiments via a profound use of samplers, can also be traced on the music they created for the film “Plumeria Rubra” (1988) by Stella Theodoraki.

"Music For Short Films 1983 - 1992" is available in Gatefold form, including unique photography and accompanied writings by the composers.

In the early 80s, Poupeta was a member of a post punk group called “Clown”, where she played synths and synth bass. Clown released a 7" single of the same name on the legendary Greek independent label ''Creep Records'' in 1983. At the same time she did vocals for TV jingles, radio spots and she also attended in the ''Thessaloniki Film Festival'' as a composer for the short film “Shadows” by Petros Eythimiou. During that time she met at Studio 111 the music producer and composer Spyros Peristeris who had just arrived from New York and was ready to launch the independent record label “Enigma Records”, especially known for the ‘80s Greek punk compilation “Diataraxi koinis isihias” and “Recording is an Art” by Makis Prekas. Alongside Enigma Records' activity, they began working together on several film scores, documentaries and crafted many TV jingles and radio spots. Their collaboration lasted until the end of the ‘90s.