Pratt & Moody & Cold Diamond & Mink - Wheels Turning

Pratt & Moody & Cold Diamond & Mink - Wheels Turning

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Timmion - TR729

Pratt has definitely carved his name in flaming letters on the pages of contemporary soul music during the past few years. This has been achieved with probably the most hyped rola of our days "Lost Lost Lost" currently clocking close to 2M Youtube plays, as well as its sequel single "Words Words Words" which is doing decent as well out there in the world. With "I Got My Wheels Turning (Gonna Run Away From You)" Pratt skids away from his guitar wielding partner Moody and rides towards a morbid dusk with only Cold Diamond & Mink by his side.

Those, who are familiar with Pratt's work under his birth name Tuomo, know that he's a dynamic solo artist, songwriter and musician on his own. So it comes as no surprise, that this new platter brings everything that fans of dark but sweet ballads crave for. The lyrics are loaded with metaphors and we'll let you decipher them for yourself.

What needs no explanation, is that Tuomo is pitching high as he rolls away, leaving a trail of bitter heartache behind. What we are left with is a sweet with a deep beat ballad that'll be hard to put shade on this year.