Prosper & BadboE - Toxic Funk Vol. 3 (7")

Prosper & BadboE - Toxic Funk Vol. 3 (7")

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Breakbeat Paradise - BBP182

Breakbeat Paradise Recording is back at it once again with the third installment of the heavy hitting Toxic Funk series. This time around we see label boss man BadboE teaming up with his ol' time partner in crime DJ/producer extravagant: Prosper.

When these 2 beat master come together you know there will be funk and there will be dancefloor weapons, which is what the Toxic Funk is all about.

This 7" inch party packing vinyl is following up on BadboE & Showtime and Gramophone Soul vol. 1 and 2 that both sold out within the first 6 month of release. Following the same concept Propser and BadboE set out to produce some epic party jams that oozes funk, soul and breakbeats.

The A-side takes on some Beastie vocals and pairs it with some big funky grooves and some fresh steady rocking breakbeats. A winner combo that will be sure to set dancefloors on fire and become a goto weapon for funky DJs across the globe.

The B-side picks up the funk where the a-side left off with a new funky housy twist on some classic cut and paste action. Inspired by their successful Freak Hop jam from 2011 the producer duo is back at mixing and matching pieces of music that nobody would have thought belong together. The result is a true timeless mash-up joint that comes with guaranteed dancefloor destruction.

Once again Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is on point to deliver you the funkiest soul and breaks available anywhere out there…