Renegade Force - Renegade Force

Renegade Force - Renegade Force

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previously unreleased 6-track demo by nyc-area band Renegade Force.  

The cassette-demo era of record labels generated tens if not hundreds of thousands of unheard, often unlistenable, and ultimately discarded tape submissions to A&Rs at independent and major labels. The overflowing mail tub of hand-addressed submissions is a distant memory in the digital age, but it was a cumbersome and disorganized yet vital element of the business through the early 2000s. 

The recording’s origin is murky, the equipment/instrumentation (all analog by the sound of it) fits the early 1980’s NYC landscape that included Kool Herc, Grand Wizard Theodore, and Afrika Bambaataa, with the influence of the emerging popularity of drum machines evident on “School Disco”. The other tracks are straight up gritty funk vignettes, tight bass/guitar/drum workouts in sparse trio style, with intermittent synth accents. 

These six tracks would not sound out of place on any number of groundbreaking NYC indy electro / hip hop labels from the early-mid 1980s: Sunnyview, Emergency, Streetwise, Profile, Sugarhill, Enjoy, Cutting Records. 

A1. Downtown Funk
A2. Renegade Theme
A3. Outlaw
B1. Clocking Rocking
B2. Gangs and Thangs
B3. School Disco