S-Tone Inc. - Sobrenatural (2LP)

S-Tone Inc. - Sobrenatural (2LP)

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Schema - SC344LP

"In the mood for love"
A bohemian atmosphere caught between Paris and Rio. Melodies and Harmonics that have a french taste and rhythms rooted in Brazil. Laura Fedele the time stopping voice.

"Take 4"
The uptempo track characterized by a soprano sax that swirls out melodies making you feel like you have travel back to the '70s. The jazzy guitar riffs opposed to flutes make the picture complete; all weaved by S-tone inc. 's hand.

"Rendez-vous à Minuit"
A Bossa Lounge motif with Wes Montgomery guitar riffs combined to scat voices all packed in relaxin' cruise formation.

"Vai Ser Bom"
Dedicated to Iemanjà, the Brazilian sea god. A dreamy rhythmic atmosphere sweetened by the tender voice of Adi Souza and acoustic guitars inspired to Baden Powell.

"La Boca del Rio"
The acoustic bass distinguishes this up-tempo track that creates great ambiance. The acoustic piano duets the keyboards enriched by strings. The rhythms falling between the house and bossa nova.

A scent of India in a downtempo track, a bit psychedelic with sitars and tablas making the background for a French melody. The velvet voice of Laura Fedele gives the track that extra dimension.

"Memphis Freeway"
Funky track with a 70's taste starting with the flute that plays the theme with horns 'Temptations' style. The beat is a straight 4/4 kick with a groovy bass.

"Entre o Ceus e a Terra"
Like the dualism in the title, the track is divided between the tension of the spoken riff and the solidarity of the melody both moved by a "bossy" up-tempo base.

"Effetto Notte"
A cinematic feel for a soothing chill-out theme on the keyboard alternating with dreamy orchestrations.