schuttle - BH004

schuttle - BH004

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Bakk Heia Records - BH004

As the Great Conjunction of Thra’s Three Suns draws ever closer, schuttle casts his sonic offerings out into this dying World in an attempt to restore balance and offer us all a chance to ascend to a higher level of existence.  

The record begins by conjuring up the 'Ritual Master'. Stuttering vocals dance over ceremonial strings; the great Unifying kick drum clears the undergrowth for a bassline so life affirming that it could raise UrSu himself.

The quest continues with ‘Heretic’. After consuming a hero’s dose of Urdrupe berries, a righteous vision of a writhing, divine dancefloor comes into focus. The soundtrack to the collectively imagined communal space. 

The B side begins with 'Ekt'. Angular, fractured percussion marches on, shrouded in cold, dew soaked pads, climaxing with a chord as deep as it is wide. Then, just as the three suns begin to align, ‘Weaver’ makes its gentle presence known. Finishing the journey with crystalline clarity and warmth. Luxurious chords disperse over elegant synthesis, whilst a powerful kick caresses our hearts. Perhaps it isn’t too late to restore our Vital Essence?