Technoist - Mesmerism For The Masses

Technoist - Mesmerism For The Masses

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Grey Meta - GMETA001 

Grey Meta’s debut release is the first vinyl release from Technoist, aka The Teknoist, of “big fuck off rave” fame. A musical powerhouse with a discography that spans over two decades, demonstrating a blend of hardcore, techno, drum and bass and a splash of every other sub-genre to boot.

With its rich and crunchy sonics, “British Murda, Boii” is the opening track. Created in homage to The British Murder Boys — Surgeon and Regis — “British Murda, Boii” resists comfy genre categorisations to drive you through elements of Techno, Breakcore, Electro, Dubstep and Industrial. 

Technoist describes “Hurr” as “the artwork in sound” — the result of   continuing iterations of call and response between the visual and the auditory, second track “Hurr” is the child of a hurricane of mutual inspiration. A driving and complex composition, Hurr sees Technoist evolve from his earlier dedication to Techno, this time purposefully creating a hard-hitting banger that merges power, energy and sci-fi psychedelic acid.

"Back Room North Vibes” serves as Technoist’s reverence to North, the event he regularly played at in Stoke where hardcore techno was in the main room and hard trance in the back. The track is more than a love letter to a formative genre influence, with the best elements cherry picked and merged with Technoist’s distinctive spin. 

The release and label art is created by Shaun Gillon, our inhouse image peddler. He designs everything as an evolving piece that is a reaction to the music and the themes explored in the music. The label is guided by the visual possibilities of music, exploring artistic interpretations beyond the ear canal.