The Allergies - As We Do Our Thing

The Allergies - As We Do Our Thing

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Jalapeno - JAL213V

1. A1. Intro
2. A2. Blast Off (feat. Andy Cooper)
3. A3. As We Do Our Thing
4. A4. Sound Advice (feat. HypeMan Sage)
5. A5. Heartbreaker
6. A6. Real Thing Interlude
7. A7. Flip The Scripture (feat. BluRum13)
8. B1. Be With You
9. B2. Seven Days
10. B3. Rock Rock (feat. Andy Cooper)
11. B4. Special People
12. B8. God Walked Down

From the opening bars of this debut album you instantly just know it's going to deliver the tunes, and it doesn't let up until the last note. The Allergies' modus operandi is taking vintage sounds and reshaping them for modern dance floors, and they go about it with style.

Effortlessly fusing Funk, Soul, Disco, Hip-Hop and Breaks, DJ Moneyshot and Rackabeat provide the perfect brand of feel-good, energetic ear candy that will leave a smile on your face and give you happy feet. But that's not all...; they have teamed up with some top MC's in HypeMan Sage and BluRum13, as well Andy Cooper of Long Beach's world-renowned rap group, Ugly Duckling.