The Bleak Engineers - Unconscious [semi-Clear Blue Marbled Vinyl]

The Bleak Engineers - Unconscious [semi-Clear Blue Marbled Vinyl]

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Rotation Mecanique - RMR001V

Russian no wave / synth duo The Bleak Engineers seem a neat fit with the first 12" release from Rotation Mecanique. "Unconscious" is the song that resonated in many souls and it's finally appearing in a vinyl format.

It's the new statement of the band, whose members are worth of attention: the grey eminence of the Russian electronic scene Alexander Moralez (Brokntoys/Gigolo/MSQ) and the horror and surf rock goddess Svetlana Zombierella (Messer Chups).

The main track is accompanied by 5 more new musical revelations: the fresh compositions, which will be the new hits and the mysterious instrumentals in their trademark gloomy electronic no wave sound.

The isolation is not the reason to be silent. Hearing the bleak, sometimes hopeless and sometimes hopeful vertigo of synths, vintage drum machines, floating bass lines, frank and mild vocals without any rush and without any attachment to time and place. And that is the incomplete list of adjectives related to this release.