Toby Glider - Novelty

Toby Glider - Novelty

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City Baby Records (Japan) - CBR006V

A pocket symphony for the Modern Funk era, breezily moving between City Pop, Bob James-style Jazz Fusion, and romantic 80s Library music. Topflight disco producer Liquid Pegasus shows a deeper side under his Toby Glider moniker. A continuation in theme from his in-demand EP on Chicago's Star Creature label and long sold-out debut on City Baby Records, this LP is Toby Glider's breadth fully realized—novel funk, authentically emotive when it wants to be, but always working in killer grooves that range from warmup to overheat to cool down.

· "Mamachari" mellows along almost too-smooth, dappled with a Rhodes keys sparkle courtesy of Oakland, CA's first-rate funkster E. Live.

· "Pop City" bops to a boogie bass groove highlighted with swinging flutes and a chorus of congas resulting in instrumental disco perfection.

· The B side brings us the deep in your buns funk of "Hot Dog," whimsical rhythms and piano twinklings of "Romance Car" and rounds out to a beautiful dreamsicle melody with album closer "Orange Road"—overall a compact masterpiece of sometimes-sideways funk.