Various Artists - Bleached Punk [label sleeve]

Various Artists - Bleached Punk [label sleeve]

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 2x February Griessmuhle closing party, it was a Monday during the day I had a hard weekend but I know the last party from Griessmuhle is still running (one day longer already) I ended up playing that night because Tham made the closing with the other synoid resident Acierate in B2B. We ended up doing an eternal afterparty at my place until Wednesday morning when he showed me this track and immediately closed it for KAOS.

Following this iconic moment in the history of contemporary Berlin club culture. Alexander Repro strikes the third tune on KAOS being the first one to made it to such a number. This techno-trance cinematic bomb will make the basements and warehouses shake whenever they let us rave in them. The Soundtrack for the post-corona movement that we all hope is about to come.

Stealing the show with his first appearance, you may have heard of him with his continuous prolific bomb outcome in Lobster Theremin, his classy Eurodance edits or his mighty U4E compilation. One of the most talented out there right now. And we will hear much more from him soon. Warm welcome to Julian Muller with a song dedicated to his mother Nancy. Keep the fire bro!

Closing the record, one of the classiest of its kind, Binary Digit post-melancholia around 150BPM acid that will make you feel as hopeful as happy and as sad. Feelings overload.

In pure Herrensauna fashion, wearing DIY decolored pants I type: "this is bleached punk" for disc-jockeys and collectors.