Various Artists - Fuck The Superclubs

Various Artists - Fuck The Superclubs

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Avinit Records - AV008

Acid Steve's Avinit label was founded to celebrate the concept of free parties and the culture of acid techno. This release continues the theme in typical brain-melting ribcage-rattling style. We're talking pounding kickdrums, frenzied 303s and standout synths, all surging throughout. A 4-tracker for playing in dark warehouses, sweaty raves, or when driving past VIP nightclubs.

Bad Boy Pete delivers a strident call to reject elitist superclub culture with an standout vocal over thunderous percussion and bubbling acid lines.

Biri 'N' Chris Liberator unleash a snarling beast of mind-twisting 303s and warehouse-ready 909s from the fiery depths of the acid techno underground.

The Geezer serves up a masterclass in rolling techno with uplifting synths swarming all over his trademark relentless rhythms.

Acid Steve brings growling acid, thumping kicks, and a defiant vocal celebrating the underground scene's unrelenting spirit of resistance