Various Artists - Out Of Addis

Various Artists - Out Of Addis

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Sheba Sound  - SHBLP001

Ethiopia is home to over 80 ethnic groups, each with its own deep-rooted language and culture. Contemporary musicians living outside Addis Abeba, the capital, have little opportunity to record their mesmerizing sounds.


Sheba Sound is redressing this by recording and releasing high-end audio music of local stars..


So far, Sheba Sound have recorded more than 25 groups in 'pop-up' studios across Ethiopia.

Tracks from this compilation have been aired by: Giles Peterson, NTS, Late Junction, Chirs Menist, Nick Manasseh, King Shiloh, Francemusique, Dj Mitmitta, Sheger FM, Ahadu FM.

The recordings are also captured in the award-winning documentary film 'Roaring Abyss' by Quino Piñero:


Check out an interactive map of recordings and interviews at: