Yoshinori Hayashi - Uncountable Set

Yoshinori Hayashi - Uncountable Set

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Disco Halal - DH012

Yoshinori Hayashi debuted his musical career with "The End Of The Edge EP" on Going Good Records (UK) in 2015. This release was received with critical acclaim and ended up at #6 in Juno’s top 50 Singles of the year.

He then dropped two other killer 12” the following year (“Asylum” on Lovers Rock & “The Forgetting Curve” on JINN Records, the latter included a great remix by DJ Sotofett)

Born & based in Tokyo, Yoshinori Hayashi debuts on Disco Halal, Moscoman’s already cult imprint (which has seen amazing releases by Red Axes, Autarkic, Simple Symmetry, Chaim and many more) with an out of this world 4 tracker, blending his unique take on house with psychedelic & jazz influences.